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Did you know about Pseudo-Scymnus?

Pseudo-Scymnus is the name given by Augustus Meineke to the unknown author of a work on geography written in Classical GreekThe Circumnavigation of the Earth, an anonymous verse periegesis first published at Augsburg in 1600. It was originally ascribed to Marcianus of Heraclea, then to Scymnus of Chios, until this was disproven by Meineke (edition, 1846).
It is dedicated to a King Nicomedes, most likely Nicomedes IV of Bithynia, which would place its composition around 90 BC. A geographical summary in iambic verse, it has some worthwhile material on the coasts of SpainLiguria, the Euxine (Black Sea), data on various Greek colonies, as well as information about the ancient UmbriansCelts,Liburnians, and other peoples.


BTW,  tumba-la-catumba-tumba-tá! 

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